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Integrate professional tax advice, return preparation, and representation into your wealth strategy

You're faced with many decisions during the year that have tax consequences.  It only makes sense that tax planning is intertwined with your financial planning and investment decisions.  A true tax professional will not only prepare and file your tax returns, but will also provide valuable tax advice throughout the year to make sure your tax liability is as low as possible and will be qualified to represent you in the event of an audit by tax authorities.

Most investment advisory firms won't provide tax advice or tax-related services and instead insist that you seek out the services of a tax professional.  This inconvenience puts you in the position of making sure your tax professional and financial planner are speaking regularly.  Who really has time for that?

Physicians' Financial brings tax planning and financial planning together under one roof.  All tax services are provided by an Enrolled Agent, the highest status the IRS confers on a tax professional.  An EA is a fiduciary, has unlimited practice rights before the IRS, and must complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years.  You shouldn't settle for less.

The standard fee for income tax preparation is $150.  Medical/Dental Students and House Officers pay only $75 for their federal, state/multi-state, and city income tax preparation.